ChainWise - Cryptocurrency Blockchain Convention For Mass Adoption

By Upstager Consulting, Inc. (other events)

Fri, Nov 8 2019 9:00 AM Sat, Nov 9 2019 6:00 PM

ChainWise was founded by crypto investor/influencer Jason Appleton, a.k.a  Crypto Crow as a means of educating newcomers to the crypto space with quality information on how to get started and effectively take part in the new technological era we call, Blockchain.

Attendees will have full access to all exhibit booths setup by the worlds biggest, best blockchain companies as well as two days full of lectures by the brightest minds in crypto. Day 1 is focused on B2B and industry specific technologies while Day 2 focuses on educating the masses on what blockchain is, how and why they are important, how to invest in them, security and much more.